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  1. Enterprise’s name: Goldsun Law Company Limited
  2. Address and Phone number:

– Address of head office: No. 23, block 3, TT Cuc V26, Dinh Cong, Hoang Mai, Hanoi.

– Transaction office: No. 35, Yen Lang street, Thinh Quang ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi.

– Transaction office: No. 59, Lane 175, Dinh Cong street, Dinh Cong ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.

– Phone: (024) 35 668 143                    Fax: (024) 35 668 143

– Website:

  1. Branch:

Goldsun Law Company Limited branch in Ho Chi Minh City

Address of branch office: No. 31 (1st floor) Do Doc Thu, Tan Quy ward, Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh city;

  1. Tax code: 0102643063
  2. Account: Goldsun Law Company Limited

Account number: 120.10000.282006 opened at the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Branch of 1 Operation Center.

  1. Establishment process:

– Formerly known as Goldsun Law Office, established on January 28, 2008 under the Operation Registration Certificate of Law Office – One Member Law Company Limited  No. 01010302/TP/ĐKHĐ issued by the Department of Justice of Hanoi on January 28, 2008;

– Goldsun Law Office changed its name to Goldsun Law Co., Ltd. on November 09, 2012 under the Operation Registration Of the Law Company Limited with Two or More Members No. 01070302/TP /ĐKHĐ issued by the Department of Justice of Ha City Internal on November 9, 2012;

Since November 9, 2012, Goldsun Law Office has operated under the type of business which is Goldsun Law Company Limited (its transaction name is Goldsun Law Company Limited).

Goldsun Law Limited Company was established under the Bussiness Registration Certificate issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on March 17, 2009 with the main activities of providing services related to bidding consultancy, brokerage consultancy and real estate valuation, consulting and implementing services related to real estate sale and purchase in Hanoi city and some neighboring areas.

  1. Providing legal services in the following fields:

7.1. Consulting and implemeting the legal services on organizing business operation  such as: Establishment; Building internal management regulations; Termination of operation; M&A; … etc;

7.2. Representing the business to negotiate and sign commercial business contracts, civil contracts;

7.3. Counseling and participating in solving disputes in legal proceedings (Criminal, Civil and Administrative case) to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Enterprise;

7.4. Counseling on issues related to real estate business and the transfer real estate projects;

7.5. Consulting on issues related to industrial relations and settlement of labor disputes;

7.6. Consulting on issues related to finance, accounting, credit, banking; Financial leasing;

7.7. Consulting on issues related to notarization and authentication activities: property sale, purchase and transfer; attorney; the mortgage transactions, mortgage guarantee.

7.8. Consulting on corporate bankruptcy at the People’s Court and related legal issues;

7.9. Consulting on bidding activities and related legal issues;

7.10. Consulting on asset auction and related legal issues;

7.11. Providing other legal services at the request of customers.

  1. Working Rule:

Working effectively, ensuring the highest interests for customers is the best way to improve our reputation.

Protecting the legitimate interests of Customers is also protecting our interests.

  1. Working Slogan:


  1. Service Quality:

Customers will be working with a team of Lawyers, Legal Counsel and Economic Experts (accounting, finance, credit, banking, financial leasing) who are professional, enthusiastic and conscientious at work. With long-term experience, our team ensures to handle customers’ issues and cases effectively, reasonably and legally.

Goldsun Law Company Limited assures to provide qualified services with resonable fees related to property auction as well as other service according to the Client’s requests within the scope of our business activities.

Thank and Best regards ./.